There’s still a definite chill in the air here in our neck of the woods, but with evenings getting a little brighter and the promise of sunnier days to come, we’re already getting into the swing of spring! There’s something about the season of new life that causes us to crave renewal, refreshment and revival of  everything around us from the notorious spring clean to our wardrobes, and truth be told we are 100% on the bandwagon with this one! There’s something cathartic about giving your space a fresh look for spring, and what better room to start with than the bedroom? Lots of us focus on front of house when we consider upgrading our decor and invest in the lounge where we entertain guests, in the dining room have dinner and drinks with friends, and often we put the bedroom on the back burner. We say, make 2018 the year that you invest in yourself by creating a soothing sanctuary just for you!

We’ve come up with 4 simple steps for enlivening a boudoir thats gone a little flat so that you can embrace those spring vibes without breaking the bank! 

Catch those quality z’s

First things first, for any of us who have ever had to suffer through sleepless nights, I thinks it’s fair to say that by the time morning rolls around we aren’t peacefully enjoying the sweet notes of birdsong and leisurely floating about our homes as we prepare for a day at the office - not very springtime chic! Perhaps you sleep with a partner who tosses and turns all night, maybe you sleep too warm or you just cant seem to find a comfortable position to drift off in no matter how many sheep you count, and to this we say ‘maybe you need to break up with your current mattress?’ Our number one tip for creating a bedroom that you love is to invest in a mattress that meets all of your own personal requirements. Sleep is so fundamental to a happy, healthy life so don't underestimate the research that you should put into finding the perfect mattress. Lucky for you we made a cheat sheet for you here! (pppssstt, we’ve got a huge mattress sale on at the moment too!) 

Gorgeous bed linen

If you’re looking to spruce up your space without breaking out the big bucks or you want to freshen up your colour scheme, some gorgeous bed linen is the way to go to get big results with minimal effort. Life is all about the little luxuries and whats better than sinking into the softest sheets for a sound nights sleep after a long day? When it comes to bed linen, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheets, so treat yourself to the highest thread count that your budget allows and thanks us later!

Gorgeous bed linen

It’s all about the accent 

Whats a boudoir without a little glamour? The majority of us most likely already have ‘The Chair’ in our bedroom, the one that we put laundry on to be put away ‘later’, the catch all for any garments stuck in limbo after being tried on and promptly rejected from todays ensemble, but there’s something about a beautifully tailored accent chair that injects a touch of luxe to any bedroom. We adore a bold accent chair to elevate any aesthetic and with a chair like our Madeline in Cotton Gold, you won’t want to cover it up! 


Pop a pillow on it 

When in doubt, pop a throw pillow on it! One of the simplest and most effective hacks for transforming your bedroom's look is to invest in a few statement throw pillows to inject a pop of colour and just a little luxe. We love to mix and match prints, colours and textures to create an arrangement that adds and artful interest and an element of depth to your bedroom without over whelming your space


Happy spring cleaning!

Team EZ Living