Christmas Colour Theme

It’s time to dig out that tree and those boxes of decorations which have been stored away since January, because Christmas is nearly upon us! It’s the time of year when homes across Ireland become awash with colour from the various trees, baubles, lights and décor that adorn households.

Many homeowners decide to go with a specific colour theme for their Christmas décor. Themes such as a festive combination of red and green, or metallic colours like gold and silver, are always popular at this time of year, or perhaps you prefer a modern alternative like blue or navy.

Here, we take a look at some of the most captivating colour themes for styling your home for Christmas. We’re sure you’ll be inspired by these suggestions!


Christmas Colour Themes Blue Sofa

Christmas Colour Themes Blue

Blue is one of those colours that seems to work in almost any shade and it can be very effective for adding warmth and richness to your home at Christmas time. Navy is a fantastic shade for capturing this sense of wintertime warmth, as seen in this elegant Cocoon sofa. If styling your home in blue this Christmas, try combining a few shades – the contrast of navy and sky blue, for example, can capture a wonderfully festive mood in a non-traditional fashion. The presence of blue baubles on a green tree also creates a very stylish combination that’s well worth trying, especially in baby blue shades of varying depths. If looking for a secondary colour to complement a mainly blue or navy living space, silver is an ideal choice. Silver and metallic accessories such as candelabras and mirrors would look magnificent when combined with blue; even more so if there is a festive slant on such features.

Red & green

Christmas Colour Themes Green Sofa Christmas Colour Themes Red

If you prefer sticking to a more traditional festive colour theme, then green and red is for you! The presence of trees and wreaths means that green will always be seen as a Christmassy colour, just like the red of Santa’s clothing and Rudolf’s nose. When these two colours are combined, they create a brilliantly warm and welcoming space, perfectly capturing the festive vibe of this time of year. It’s a look that can be created by red decorations on a tree, or red blankets and cushions in a room with green walls and furnishings (like this Dune accent armchair). Indeed, wreaths with berries include both colours in the one accessory. Whatever way you choose to mix red and green, you’re sure to end up with a room that has Christmas splashed all over it!

Of course, there’s nothing to stop you from putting a truly personal stamp on your festive décor with some DIY decorations! Here’s a five-minute video tutorial on making your own candy cane decorations:


Christmas Colour Themes White Table

Christmas Colour Themes Silver

Some might shy away from white for their Christmas décor, believing it to be too plain for this time of year. White is the quintessential winter colour, though, and with its understated elegance, it’s one that can match well with any other colour choice, giving it an excellent versatility. You can create a stunning space when mixing white furniture (such as this Frost dining table) with silver embellishments like tableware and mirror frames, adding greater dimension to the room and layered depth to the overall colour theme. White is one of those reliable colour options that, whatever way you choose to present it, is bound to turn your home into a winter wonderland!

Here's another one for DIY decoration lovers: the video below shows how easy it is to make some fake snow and customise it to display your creativity.


Christmas Colour Themes Cabinet Christmas Colour Themes Gold

The metallic allure, warm undertones and gleaming sheen of gold makes it a brilliant choice for a Christmas colour theme and it matches superbly with green, making gold decorations ideally suited for your tree. It is a colour that is destined to stand out, whether in bold, deep shades or a lighter complexion as seen on this Kimberley display cabinet. A gold-coloured theme works wonderfully either in subtle accents dotted throughout a living space or as a statement colour featured heavily on your wallpaper, fireplace and tree.

Brown & green

Christmas Colour Themes Armchair Christmas Colour Themes Brown

Green and brown are two colours which naturally fit together and they certainly combine to great effect for Christmas décor. As two earth tones, they give a very natural blend to make a living space look genuine and welcoming. It’s quite likely that there’s plenty of brown in your home from furniture such as leather armchairs, footstools and TV units, so the addition of a tree instantly gives the space a wonderful colour combination. Brown decorations on a Christmas tree also achieve an effect that’s understated yet classy.

Deep pink/red

Christmas Colour Themes Chair Christmas Colour Themes Deep Pink

If you’re looking to make a statement with a modern festive hue, why not try deep shades of pink or red? Its bold appearance adds an even greater depth of colour to your overall Christmas décor and it has the notable advantage of being very compatible with a wide range of secondary colours. Metallic shades like silver and gold contrast brilliantly with a deep pink or red hue. Alternatively, if you prefer to include traditional festive colours in some way and neatly mix the old and the new, pair your selection of deep pink or red with a dash of bright green. Also, deep shades of red look magnificent on kitchen furniture such as this Oslo walnut dining chair, which would brilliantly enhance your dining area for that Christmas dinner which all the family is eagerly anticipating!

Happy decorating from all at EZ Living and if you’re looking for some more decoration inspiration, pop into any one of our stores where you’ll find a treasure trove of options!