It’s cleaning season and a time for decluttering and reorganising your home. Whenever a short window of free time opens up, you can take care of those brief yet essential cleaning tasks that you may have been putting off for a while. Many homeowners tackle cleaning room by room and one area which can demand plenty of attention is the living room, so here’s a few handy tips on sprucing up your living room this spring!

Home Cleaners

What you’ll need before starting

  • Dust mop (ideally with a long handle)
  • Stepladder
  • Sponges and microfibre cloths
  • Squeegee
  • Small bucket (ideally with a handle)
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Gentle cleanser

Step-by-step cleaning guide

  • Begin with a brief decluttering to give you more space in which to work. 
  • Dust down the living room ceiling and corners of walls. You might need to wash the walls in dirty spots.
  • Dust down picture frames and then wipe them with a damp, clean cloth. Do not spray cleaner or water onto the frame as these could seep through the glass and damage the pictures. 
  • Take down light fixtures such as lampshades and light shades and clean off any dust with a gentle cleaner before washing, drying and replacing them. If you have a ceiling fan, be sure to get rid of dust from this as well.
  • Take down curtains and blinds to wash or clean according to the manufacturer's directions. 
  • Vacuum windowsills and window corners before washing the insides and outsides of windows.
  • Dust and clean out couches and chairs, ensuring to check crevices for any items which may have fallen into them (e.g. coins, papers, jewellery) before vacuuming.
  • Remove books from bookshelves and dust down the books and the shelves.
  • Dust down accent tables and electronic equipment, ensuring to dust down the screen also when working on the TV. Unplug all electronic devices before cleaning.
  • Mop the floor and clean all carpets and rugs. If these are only slightly stained, vacuuming and spot treating may be enough.

Tips for cleaning fabric

Fabric Sofa

Tips for carpet cleaning

Cleaning expert Rachel Yatuzis explains how vinegar and water can be very effective in removing stains from carpets.

Video credit: essortment on YouTube

  • Powdered carpet cleaner and baking soda are the most effective products for removing stains from carpets. Sprinkle the product over the carpet stain and leave to dry for at least 30 minutes, but it’s even better to leave it dry overnight as this gives the product plenty of time to work so that the stains are significantly softened and the odours fully removed.
  • If using a carpet shampoo to clean carpet stains, use just enough to cover the affected area and don’t make the carpet too wet, as this would increase the time it takes to dry completely.
  • Powdered products work much faster than shampoos and therefore are your best choice if you need your carpets cleaned quickly. Also, they are just as effective as shampoos, so you’re not compromising on performance for a quicker clean.

Tips for cleaning leather furniture

Leather Armchair

  • Mould and mildew stains can be removed with a combination of water and rubbing alcohol in a 50:50 ratio.
  • If there are stains from permanent markers on the furniture, apply hairspray and then wipe the stain to remove it.
  • You can remove marks from ballpoint pens by dipping a cotton swab into eucalyptus oil or rubbing alcohol and then rubbing it on the stain.
  • Grease stains can be removed by sprinkling a small amount of baking soda over the stain and leaving it for a few hours to allow the baking soda to absorb the grease; you can then brush it off with ease.

*Disclaimer - Before attempting any of the above, it is important to test any cleaning solution on a small area of leather / fabric underneath your sofa or on another unnoticeable area. Apply and follow the processes as outlined above to the “test” area. If the results are to your satisfaction, only then apply to the whole sofa or chair. EZ Living will not be held responsible for any issues arising out of cleaning. The above is a guideline and you should get advice from the sofa retailer that you purchased your sofa from prior to any cleaning efforts.