If you’re planning an upgrade to your sitting / living room or you’re in the process of decorating it for the very first time, we have some sitting room ideas that you might like to consider!

Toucan Fabric Right Hand Facing Corner Sofa

Modular or a Regular Sofa?

Perhaps you’ve never heard of the term modular sofa? It’s a seating “solution” which is split into any number of sections; it can also be known as a sectional or corner group sofa. It’s a fantastic option for both smaller sitting rooms and larger living rooms because you can build your modular sections together to seat anything from 3 people to 6+! They usually have a right or left handed corner to suit your room shape so are versatile.

A modular or sectional sofa delivers a welcoming feel because they’re very much focused on comfort and they can reduce the amount of floor space used for seating furniture in comparison to, for example a 3 or a 4 seater sofa + 1 armchair + 1 armchair combination.

In larger rooms, they can be used to create a separation for one part of the room too so they are quite functional. Modulars are definitely a cosy option as by their nature, they encourage people to be seated closer to one another so... ideal for a friendly family or group of friends who like to gather together to watch TV!

Choosing your interiors should be fun of course so there’s nothing to stop you selecting a subtly coloured modular sofa (we have our eye on the Dynamo corner group!) and combining it with a textured, coloured or patterned accent / occasional chair to inject some interest into the look!

If you’re more interested in creating a less relaxed interior look, a more formal, regular sofa is perfect. Classic, luxury leather will simply never date and in practical terms, will be long lasting! Chesterfield style sofas, which come in leather and fabric options fall into this refined look and are sure to get lots of compliments!

If you’re thinking that you want a regular sofa with added relaxation qualities, there is of course the recliner sofa (and chair) option which ticks both boxes! We adore the Ruben 3 seater recliner sofa as it’s comfortable and amazingly stylish!

Dynamo Corner Group with Right Hand Facing Recliner

Clara Wing Accent Chair

Ruben 3 Seater Recliner Sofa

Do I Need a Loveseat?

A loveseat is essentially a 2 seater sofa; they can sometimes come in a more curved version of regular 2 seaters to promote “snuggling” up together but it’s a seat for up to two people nonetheless... snuggling or not! It really depends on where you plan on putting a loveseat to know if they’re a good option.

If you’re tight on space, maybe you have a tight alcove in your sitting room that you don’t know what to do with, a smaller loveseat is ideal! Some loveseats constitute a 1.5 seater so they’ll provide just that little bit extra comfort that you might have got from in an armchair in a tight space.

Loveseats work amazingly well too in larger rooms where you don’t want a modular sofa as they can combine with a 3 or 4 seater sofa, and an armchair to create a really inviting sitting room. Other loveseat ideas would be a patterned or fabric choice to contrast the rest of the sitting room furniture such as this classy looking Ashford 2 seater!

Brooklyn Loveseat

Ashford 2 Seater Sofa

Brooklyn Chair

Brooklyn Sofa

Deco Swivel Chair

Add a Swivel Chair?

A swivel chair is an armchair which can be turned via its base to face any direction. Some swivel chairs have a reclining feature and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, fabrics and colours. Add a swivel chair and create instant character, comfort and style to a living or sitting room or even a study/home office!

We particularly swoon over the Deco swivel chair as it’s a wonderfully vibrant colour so it would create an eye catching feature in the home; it has a 360 degree base and has a real focus on comfort so it’s likely you’ll be fighting over who gets to sit on this one!

If you want a fabric version of a swivel chair then the Sorrento chair is something you have to try out! It is a high-quality luxurious chair that will allow you to curl up and really relax and with its muted tone, it would fit in with so many other textures in your home!

Sorrento Swivel Chair

Juno Swivel Chair in Grey Fabric

Eros Swivel Chair

Add a Rug?

A rug isn’t a necessity for a living or sitting room but by adding one, it can transform a room, add comfort and even can be used for definition of areas. There aren’t hard and fast rules with rug selection/placement and even if you already have a carpet, adding a rug that complements the existing carpet and furniture can be a really interesting feature. Don’t worry about whether your furniture fits entirely on or off the rug! Interiors shouldn’t be about rules and a rug is a fantastic way of injecting your own character and flair to your home!

If you have a large open plan sitting / living room, a carefully placed rug will anchor the space and create a defined area for entertaining and relaxing. In a smaller sitting room, adding a rug with the furniture clustered around it draws the eye and pulls the area together more cohesively.

A rug that’s large enough to outline the perimeter of the whole room if it’s a wooden floor for example, totally overhauls a room. If you’re going for a larger rug like this, matching it in tone with your existing furniture will create a cohesive look.

If it’s a totally new room, make your starting point either the rug itself or the furniture and build from there. We highly recommend using Pinterest to create boards of the look you are trying to achieve as it will deliver fantastic inspiration. Sometimes people feel that they can be more adventurous with their rug choice and keep their furniture muted...it really depends on your taste!

Geometric Style Rug is On Trend

Muted Coloured Rug

Textured Rug

Geometric Style Rug