Living room

When you have a smaller than average sized living room, it can be easy to get weighed down by concerns that you don’t have many options or are restricted in some way in relation to its decor. While it can be slightly more challenging to furnish and style a small living room, one of the major advantages is that you don’t have much scope to build unnecessary clutter! Also sometimes having a smaller space can make you more focused and get more from the area. We have put together five suggestions for things to get for your living room to make it appear larger and to optimise the whole space!

1. Maximise Neutral Colours

Long curtains in living room

Lighter and more neutral colours create a perfect focus and backdrop for a smaller area in any part of the home. Create an illusion of bigger windows and draw more light into your living room by keeping your blinds and curtains a light and neutral colour like off-white, beige or a soft pastel shade of yellow, blue or even pink. Additionally, hang curtains well above the windows so they drop from close to the ceiling; this will give a feeling of added height to the room and draw people’s eyes upwards. If you keep the vast majority of the room in neutral hues including the flooring/rugs, then you can add a punch of colour with a vibrant coloured sofa or go for a neutral coloured sofa but with a collection of colourful cushions and a throw.

Vibrant blue sofa 2. Introduce Ottomans/Footstools


These will be a clever addition to your small living room especially if you get a footstool that incorporates storage also. This Enigma footstool is a good example of a stylish yet functional ottoman as lots can be stored in the base which will help to keep your living room tidy and clear of clutter. By adding a tray onto the footstool, you may not even require a coffee table so they are an excellent space saver in that respect too which is important in such a small living area.

3. Choose Multi-Functional Seating

 Sofa bed

Adding furniture like sofas that double up as sofa beds is a clever move when you’re stuck on space. A sofa bed will also ensure that you can have guests over and can instantly turn your living room into an extra guest room.

4. Don’t Push Furniture Against the Walls

 Small living room

If you leave space beyond furniture, it will help to give an illusion of greater space than there actually is in the room. This arrangement of furniture is sometimes referred to as “floating furniture” and you only need to ensure that the furniture isn’t flush with the walls for it to work.

5. Add Mirrors


Hang a large mirror in a central location to create a focal point in your living room. Another option to create an illusion of a larger room is to position a mirror across from your window where it will reflect the view and open the room even further. Or even gather together a series of decorative mirrors along one wall to create an eye catching feature.


While it might be more challenging when you have a smaller living room that certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t create a wonderful room that you, your family and your guests will adore. Our staff would be delighted to advise you when you’re looking for the perfect pieces of furniture and interior accessories for your living room!